Westward II

Westward II is an epic Mac game with a grandiose undertaking to develop and defend an entire town of happy, well-adjusted folks from the Copperhead Gang. What an incredible sim game for anyone who loves cowboys, westerns and pioneer type story. The landscape in itself is enormous and in a wide scaled and diverse environment.

You enter this game with music of the great frontier and western deserts and plateaus. Everything you learned or saw in the movies about the early pioneer days will come back to you in this massive undertaking of a Mac game Westward II. You select your person or hero from 3 unlikely characters: Marion unlocks the Windmill and corn, Maureen unlocks the banks a no cost and Terrance unlocks the trading post at no cost. One of them will become your hero so choose wisely. Your job is to build a profitable, happy town in the wild west. An explanation mark over the heads of the people will appear when they wish to talk to you. Just click on the mark and find out what they want. Left click on the people and drag them to another location. To move or look at other parts of the map drag the cursor to the edge of the screen or click on the small map on the lower left side and click where you would like to go. To zoom in or out use the scroll or plus, minus (+, -) keys.

To begin building your town, click on the tool then what you need built (tent, shack, log cabin). Not all the choices will be available to you. You must get experience to unlock more items. Your character is quite amiable to build your shack, but you must get others to help so your person can go and get food, supplies and more shelter. If you keep the people fed, they will work for you, and if you need to build a house, you’ll need lumber and people to build it. You need trees to build so you must drag a person willing to go to a fallen tree and click on it to get him to chop the wood.

In order to buy supplies and items, you have to have gold or money. There are a lot of veins of gold all over the frontier to mine. You can get a mine, have someone work on it and get your gold. People will often barter with you to work on your projects so take advantage of it to progress in the game.

You would think that all this is quite enough to keep you entertained but there’s more. The wild west would not be the wild west without the bad guys, and the baddest of them all is the Copperhead Gang. You need to defend yourself and your town from them by getting a group of people to help you in a shoot out. You drag your cursor around some people, arm them with guns and they will help you defend your stakes.

The meter at the bottom of the screen will help you monitor your necessities so you do not fall behind in the game, because you get so into the play and landscape that you may forget to feed your people and provide water when needed.

I could go on and on about this game, but you need to try it out for yourself. The landscape alone will mesmerize you. I kept moving over canyons, forest, plains and rivers and nearly forgot to get back to the town. Even though it is in a cartoon setting, it’s done so well and beautifully, you forget that it’s not real and you are just playing a very involved game. The dialogue is funny, the music big and the play most interesting, so build your own prosperous town on the frontier of civilization and enjoy yourself for many hours.