The Fifth Gate

The Mac game The Fifth Gate is a nice mix of strategy and sim time management play. It is a fast-paced game that will challenge your dexterity and mind.

An evil nymph, Morgana, trapped Eden in a garden, and in order to escape this prison, Eden must work and tend to 5 mystical gardens before the fifth gate is unlocked. Eden’s freedom depends on how well she can grow flowers, kill unwanted pests, harvest the flowers and create potions. Her successful outcomes will ensure her freedom.

The play is very similar to other sim time management garden games like Plantasia and Garden of Dreams. You tend to your flowerbeds by clicking on it to grow different seeds. The different flowers will bloom, click on it and move it to the storage bin. The storage bin can only hold so many blossoms so you have to figure out what to do with all your precious flowers. In addition to growing your flowers you must fight off the bugs and pests by clicking on them repeatedly. Some of the pests are poisonous or magical and your cursor will freeze. Also your plants will need water so you must click on the plant to water it.

You must keep your eye on the lower right side of the screen to check on the water level. If you need more water, you must buy it. Morgana is not going to make life easy for you. You must purchase your helps and upgrades to make your play a little easier.

Another part of the play is to use the blossom for magical potions. You need certain flowers for different potions that Morgana will demand. You can also sell blossoms and potions for more cash and some potions will bring in more money than others. Also remember you can get more money for potions than blossoms.

There’s not much to the story in The Fifth Gate, but the sim time management play is enjoyable. You get more and more flowers and more tasks in the later levels. The different pests and the other hazards will challenge your play in each garden. There’s a lot to do in the 5 different gardens with a variety of blossoms in each place. Also each garden has 14 tasks each to complete before poor Eden can escape from Morgana. Have fun beating the bees and beetles while growing beautiful flowers.