Redemption Cemetery

The sequel to the Curse of the Raven is Redemption Cemetery: Children’s Plight Collector’s Edition. This second game is very similar to the first with the point and click adventure taking you through a ghastly cemetery solving puzzles and finding items to pursue an evil warlock out to take innocent children from their parents. The warlock murders the parents, and the children are tortured right in front of you but out of your immediate reach.

The tale begins quite suddenly when you are zapped into the cemetery and cursed by this evil warlock who disappears as fast as he had appeared. A raven attacks the evil spirit and turns himself into human form. This man tells you what is going on and helps you along your treacherous journey. This warlock had been entombed for centuries but the magic seals necessary to keep his evil ways under wraps has been taken and now the warlock has cursed you to be linked to him in order for him to be free. Now you need to be free of this evil spirit by finding the amulets, bringing them back to his tomb, confronting the warlock and lifting the curse you are under in this seek and find adventure.

You must find many items in order to receive other things to use in puzzles like a bowl to catch the tears of an angel or a scythe for the symbol of death. Throughout the game there are mini animated segments describing and progressing the game. This game is voiced and animated to increase the interest level. You see a little girl taken by the evil warlock and she pleads for you to help her. Later you find the girl’s mother as a ghost asking you to free the girl so she could rest in peace. There are 2 more children you must help in this cemetery.

The Hidden Object games are good with you going back to each site two times. The scenes are clear even in the dark recesses of the tombs, and you can find the items fairly easily. If you are having difficulties spotting an object, use the hint button and bats will circle one of the things you need. Once you clear all the items on a tombstone, that panel will sink down from view. The items in blue are objects you must interact with before you can click on it. For instance, you must put together a blade and handle and take the axe and chisel out Pinocchio before you can click on it. Other puzzles involve jumping items over each other until you have one left or finding missing emblems to return to its rightful place before you receive another item to use.

Most of the point and click adventure is linear and you do not have to go back and forth too much to find things. You just have to remember what is in your inventory so you can use it in the proper location. You will be using your inventory fairly soon after you retain it so there’s very few instances where you might forget what you have.

This brings me to a few points of contention I have with this game. One being if you go too far down the screen with your cursor to get an inventory item, the menu pops up forcing you to click on continue to go on with the game. This has become quite irritating not just with this game but others as well. I’m beginning to enjoy the games with their inventory and HOG lists at the top of the screen. Another bone I have to pick is at the start of the first HOG a clicking noise appeared. I thought it was the sound effect for the HOG, but when this noise continued throughout the game,……well. Also I’ve had it with scenes having more than one kind of item so you end up clicking a multiple times on an item because it is listed but not the one the game wants you to click on, it becomes more than frustrating. One last thing I would like the developers to improve is the in-game strategy guide for the collector’s edition: it takes you back to the beginning and not where you left off.

Even with all those setbacks, I found the game engaging (although a little short with only 3 kids to rescue) and lots of fun to play. The artwork is good, the music when I could hear it eerie, and a good balance of point and click, HOG and mini puzzles to solve. I give it a 3.5 out 5 for an entertaining and solid game.