Viet Celts Game

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When I lived in Vietnam, I started playing the obscure Irish sport of Gaelic football and eventually captained the ladies team in Hanoi. Our weekly trainings were always followed by a drink or meal together. And a couple times a year we would travel to neighboring countries for tournaments against other Asia teams. Being part of the Viet Celts were some of the best memories of living abroad. Nothing can beat the sport, the camaraderie, and the extreme motivation and physical intensity that comes with each game.

While learning light animation in iOS development, I decided to dedicate an app to my club, the Viet Celts. It's a pong-like game. The bar is made to look like the flag from the Viet Celts crest and the ball looks like a traditional gaelic football. Crests from opposing teams pop up in random positions on the screen and the aim of the game is to knock out the crests in order to accumulate points.

• Animations built with UIDynamicAnimator
• Persists user’s high score using NSUserDefaults
• Plays sound clips of football chants using AudioToolbox framework