Fishdom: Harvest Splash

For all you diehard Mac match 3/simulation Fishdom players here’s another game, one with a fall theme. This time you’ll see cornucopias, fall colors and pilgrim’s hats. There are fish, plants and filtration systems to make a beautiful autumnal fish tank.

The play is exactly the same as the other Fishdom match games: Spooky Splash and Frosty Splash. You play a match 3 game to earn enough money so you can fill a fish tank full of fish, plants, and comfort items. The tank and the items in the bowl are almost identical to the other Fishdom games. You need to fill the water scene with fish, beauty and comfort items to keep the environment healthy and happy. In order to meet their needs, you must play match 3 games to earn cash to buy items. You can also photograph your tank.

In the match 3 levels you swap 2 items to make matches of 3 or more of the same icons either horizontally or vertically. The icons are exactly the same ones used in the other Splash games like the stingray, conch shell, turtles, jellyfish and more. Additional items to round off the objects are the harvest types. Even some of the shapes of the game boards are identical. The powerups from the firecrackers to the lightning is also the same. The blocks are your usual chains, double chains (must match over 2xs), the metal tiles (2xs), etc.

If you really liked the other Fishdom games, you’ll want to try Harvest Splash. However, if you are new to the Fishdom series, you may want to try all of them to see which one suits you the best or which seasonal holiday you like. They are all about the same so you probably need to get only one or two. The Frosty Splash appears to have made the most effort in doing a theme game because the music is Christmas-like and objects related to the theme. I give this Fishdom: Harvest Splash 3 out of 5 because of the similarity to the other games but still a solid play.