Dress Up Pups

Mac game Dress Up Pups is a game for dog loving match 3 players. The dog background photos are so adorable even a cat person can appreciate them. As the title implies you dress up canines to impress your clientele.

Pattie is finally getting her break in the lucrative dog fashion business she has been working very hard in order to make it to the top of the industry. Bernard, her boss, is traveling to Italy to increase his business and expand his brand. Pattie is in charge of the store until he returns. She’ll need to prove herself if she wants to get a promotion. When a customer enters the agency, she talks to each person personally and determines what type of outfit will best suit the puppy.

You begin the game by choosing whether you want timed or relaxed play. The match 3 or more like items to destroy games are 3 types: swap where you can switch positions of 2 adjacent items so you can make a match of 3 or more of the same objects either horizontally or vertically. In chain you link the like items horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The group play is where the same items are touching and you click anywhere in the group to destroy. The group of objects will jiggle when you place your cursor over them.

To complete a match 3 level you must bring down the puzzle pieces on the board to the bottom of the screen by making matches below the piece. In addition you must clear the green tiles by making matches over the tiles. There will be your usual blocks and power ups. The blocks are the chained items where you must make matches with the object below the chain or blue tiles where you must make 2 matches before clearing the tile. The bonuses can be the dynamite, bombs and more where the item will blast tiles around them. The power ups must be charged before you can use them. To the left of the screen you see the power ups with an icon of one of the objects on the board. For example dog bone matches must be made until you fill up one of the power ups. These power ups can be very useful in completing your level. The hammer will destroy one tile that is giving you problems or the scissor will destroy all of one of a kind item. There are 21 dogs you must dress and each dog will have several levels to complete. Once a level is complete, you receive a couple of puzzle pieces to add to the photo of your dressed dog. After you have completed a few levels, you’ll have enough pieces to put together the jigsaw puzzle and see how the pup is dressed.

Dress Up Pup is a solid match 3 game with a side of jigsaw puzzles. The background photos of the puppies are charming, the artwork colorful and the music good. There isn’t anything unusual about the match 3 and there isn’t much of a story, but it is fun, relaxing if you play it untimed game. The timed version will give you a little more challenge. Casual match 3 players and dog lovers will enjoy this cute game.