Big Kahuna Reef 2

Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction is the sequel to Big Kahuna Reef, but the developers went way beyond the scope of follow-ups to make an action filled and fun Mac game. Yes, it has the same music, exotic fish and the scenic reef, but it goes further than the first game by adding a lot more chain reactions, new fish, new reefs and a lot of explosive pieces making it a more dynamic play.

The game has 2 modes, Action and Relaxed. Action is timed and your time is up when the fluid in the Kahuna Tiki head runs out. You begin with 3 lives and if you do not finish a level, you lose a life. You can also use a life to extend your time. Relaxed play lasts until the board is cleared. There are 3 areas of difficulty. You begin the game at Kahuna Quest where you must match 3 or more sea items in order to complete the level. After completing a set number of levels you unlock the next section, Tiki Challenge. It has a lot more difficult levels to play. This section is not only challenging but can also get a little demanding with the Tiki jumping and making noises. The third group is the Other Adventures, and it is where you will find over 600 themed levels created by players around the world. In addition to the hundreds of levels to play, you can create your own and submit it to be used in the game.

There are many extras to this game play, some similar to the earlier version and many new surprises. It feels like the game play moved along faster due to more chain reactions, dynamite, regular and nuclear bombs. The larger the explosive, the bigger the area cleared. The explosives are best used after manipulating the play so they are in the best possible position for the most effective use. As well as the helps in this game, there are many obstacles to clear the game board: steel boxes (need 2 matches to clear), single and double chains (2 and 3 matches to clear), and the ominous Kamehameha Skeleton fish (creates more boxes when matched). The puzzle boards are different and more challenging. The irregular shapes make it more dangerous to haphazardly make matches. Strategy must be used to avoid leaving boxes in hard to play corners. Other new bonuses are the shark eating license plate level and diving penguins.

Although Big Kahuna Reef 2 had all the familiar themes of the first game, there are a lot of excitement and movement to this new version. I enjoyed BKR 2 so much more and know you will too. So if you liked the first version, you will like this second one even better. Try it out and see for yourself.

Features of Big Kahuna Reef: Chain Reaction:

  • Oceanic Adventure
  • 40 Exotic Sea Creatures
  • Over 750 levels
  • Quest to become the Big Kahuna
  • Save games