Fishdom H2O

Jennifer a strong willed recent graduate of Environmental Protection University is looking for employment. As a marine biologist she has many talents and skills to be useful at the world’s foremost aquarium run by Old Barney a close friend of her grandpa. However, Jennifer wants to prove herself and get the job on her own merits, but with no or little money, she cannot produce the kind of aquarium to impress her cat. At her grandpa’s suggestion, she goes diving for the many Fishdom H2O 11 treasures sitting at the bottom of the sea. With these finds she can make enough money to buy necessary fish, plants and equipment to make an fantastic tank to win her the job at Water is Life Foundation.

Fishdom H2O is an underwater hidden object play. After clicking on all the listed items in 3 minutes, you reach your goal and move on to the next level. In between the levels you can purchase the supplies for your aquarium. At the top right there are 3 meters you must increase to 100% before moving on to another project or aquarium. The 3 meters are fish, Fishdom H2O beauty and comfort. The fish category lists all the different species of fish that is available for purchase. The beauty section will allow you to buy plants to beautify your tank and the comfort will let you put in lights and air filters to make your fish at home. After filling up all the meters, you will win a star.

Mini games are fun and played very quickly. You get 2 minutes to click in all the vases in the scene, collect all the gold items (including gold bullions, gold coins, golden bowls and vases) from the bottom of the ocean, find 10 items such as Fishdom H2O2 hourglasses, guitars and more. You may dive without your oxygen tank and must look for 1 of 3 items listed as quickly as you can.

Fishdom H2O is a lively and fast-paced hidden object game. Each scene is 3 minutes. Quite fast for most hidden object plays, but it is enough time to find all your items. If you can’t find your object before the time runs out, use the hint button to have the seahorse point out your item. In addition look for more seahorses in each scene to increase the number of your hints.

This is a great game and the scenes are doable in 3 minutes, however there always the relaxed mode. I like the colorful graphics and underwater scenes. The aquarium and screen saver are fun to create and enjoy. The only suggestion I have is to add a couple of match games from the first Fishdom for variety.